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AdVenture Communist Game Player Latest  AdVenture Communist Mod Apk (v4.10.1) + Free Upgrade to Scientist +  If you want to download without advertising, you have come to the right page. On this page, we know that AdVenture Communist Android Game Expertise and Mod Version Apk will give you a single Click  Speed  CDN Drive Link, so you can easily download AdVenture Communist  Mode Android Simulation Game.

What is the Expertise of AdVenture Communist Mod Apk?

The AdVenture Communist (MOD Free Scientist Upgrade) is your Kongregate Match Simulation Match, which is considered as a continuation of AdVenture Capitalist.

This game is also acceptable for people who dream of becoming a billionaire and enjoy work. You can make countless dollars with a small number of funds. Adventure communist mod apk You understand that having a simulated realistic company design uses and spends money to make a fortune.

Adventure Communist Mod Apk 4.10.1

It is a free timekiller optimized for the Android OS. After launching the application, the user will receive a brief guide to all the functions inside. As soon as the user understands all the features of the gameplay and interface, the Google Play profile will be automatically connected.

If the player has already used the application, then his progress automatically immersed from the game server. Inside the application is a very thought-out scheme of making money. The user will have to develop his own empire.

Plant potatoes, hire workers and create add entire teams to collect it. As soon as everything is settled with the food, proceed to the purchase of new land plots. The purchase of land will be followed by the installation of mines.

In them, the miners will mine useful resources. All in-game objects and production methods are connected. If the player has little food, he will not be able to acquire new workers. In order to hire large teams of workers, you need to create your own hospital, army and ensure the continuous production of bullets for defense.

Once your empire, inside the ” AdVenture Communist “, becomes large enough, you can cancel your game progress, thereby – increase profits and unlock new skills. Skills are purchased separately for special experience bubbles.

After cancellation, you get part of the bubbles from the total number of acquired skills, and the third part of the skills remains with the user on the account. As in all normal clickers, this is a possible active extraction of a resource.

To manually earn potatoes or hire troops, you need to click on the button in the lower right corner of the screen. To simplify this process, just put your finger on the button and hold it.

There are tabs above the pumping unit, they will allow the user to switch between different virial branches. If you click on any pumping unit, a list of necessary resources will appear to purchase one unit of a product.

Two-dimensional graphics made the game undemanding. High-quality animation will appeal to any player. The weight of the installation APK file is 33.4 megabytes, and after downloading and unpacking the game will weigh 67 MB. Sound is disabled in the settings.
Adventure Communist Mod Apk 4.10.1

Idle game-:  Hyper Hippo has designed this game. What you need to do with the gameplay clicker in the game, is to establish contact.

Starting from a parcel of property and a farmer, you develop your curry empire. Plan too much crop and potatoes. Farmers can be hired by you and then cover them. Adventure communist mod apk If you’re aware that you’re going to make your empire well, it can provide food.

AdVenture Communist, an empty sport, allows you to continue to develop your empire even when you sleep and close the match. If someone accompanies your door with a task assigned by your own boss, loosen and close the match. At the next opening of the match, you can get your products and potatoes.

Establishing a potato empire:  Food is an important issue for many countries on the planet. We can’t do anything else with food. Potatoes can be an excellent choice. Starting from fruits, you can make food. Potatoes are in my favorites.

Build the magnificent curry empire. Become the nation’s glorious leader. Build towns and farms The bigger the number of your farmers. The ingredients can help an increasing number of farmers operate on your own farm, and you can harvest.

Industrial Update-:  Potatoes are single. After eating enough food, you can continue to create and update businesses. The AdVenture Communist allows you to upgrade areas, cities and irrigation systems, power, factories, weapons, and more. Each level is supplied when you skip.

I recommend you to focus on this rather than creating all sectors. You need to unlock a brand new business. The asset is often brought by new businesses.

Researchers-: Researchers are workers if you are a pioneer. They are individuals who achieve production speed to improve. Researchers are divided into Epic, Rare, Frequent and Supreme classes. You can unlock researchers by purchasing search capsules or changing resources.

Some tips and tricks -:  To the right of each field is a tab that limits the amount. Always insert this tab. For example, an agriculturist gives you the price of 10 potatoes; With a single click, you can buy 10 farmers while at Max.

Watched advertising videos make it possible to optimize the Propaganda Counter. This watch can help increase production speed. If this effect ceases, you can continue to see videos with Ads that need to be kept.

Finally:  Overall, AdVenture Communist doesn’t play a fresh game, unlike any other games that are empty. Click to unlock, update, create and re-start for a lot of time. You may feel dull, you can only feel the pride of watching your empire grow.
Adventure Communist Mod Apk 4.10.1

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AdVenture Communist Mod Apk Features

From AdVenture Capitalist’s Major Experts, a bigger click comes from the lazy! The AdVenture was built for comrades who are more difficult to communist work and desire the sport that runs the fantasy of getting Potato Tycoon.

FILE_0_EXTENSION  Steps with potatoes! Finally, become the more sympathetic Leader of your Communist State and farm and gather to obtain Resources.

You can draw as many Comrades as you can for your own path, so that you can remain idle, only when you constantly come back, in your hands, intertwined with Resources, return to the open state! features: – Recruit Researchers to automate their jobs and replicate their performance.

They take the “Expert” from the “proletariat!! – Collect curry while you are asleep or idle. Garlic pole can shake more, and we have bars! – Profits, therefore, the Missions are completed by you and offer the charm of the adventure.

Don’t forget, the invasion of 1 person is the experience of the other! – Open free capsules that are completely free on a daily basis to find out which resources the Leader provides. Play now, AdVenture Communist clicker! Your share of idle daily pleasure!

AdVenture Communist Mod Apk Download

Paracı from Super Travel Experts reached a bigger lazy clicker! The Journey Communist has come together to make the fantasy the king of Potato, and the more diligent Comrades who require the game are more effective.

The path to glory, with all the potatoes that are glorious steps! Eventually, they become one of the more sympathetic chiefs of the Communist State and farm and come together to acquire assets. This means that you can remain at your disposal, Comrades, will draw you for their own reasons!

In addition, although the Communist State does not adhere personally, the Super Chief may be accompanied by these qualities:

  • Recruitment scientists increase their effectiveness and increase your work. They put in the “expert adan from the proletariat!
  • Due to the snow creaking, the quests are completed by you and attract the charm of the adventure. Keeping in mind, the invasion of 1 human being is a single another experience!
  • Wide Fully Totally Free Capsules Every day
  • Join the journey now to find out what resources the Chief provides! Communist clicker! Your share of idle daily pleasure!
  • Pick up curry, even when you’re asleep or asleep. The garlic pole is more than it can shake; in addition, we have bars!

Amazing New Features of AdVenture Communist Mod Apk

Idle Playing 

You start with a parcel of property and, with a farmer, you create your curry empire. Crop with potatoes. Farmers can be hired by you and then cover them. Your empire can give food to those who know exactly how to make good money.

Industrial update 

Hyper Hippo designed this match. Travel The communist is reflecting the markets of some countries, if market money is simulated with the trip. The only thing you may want to do with clicker-play-play is to create the following immediately.

Traveling as an idle match, the Communist allows you to continue your empire, even when you sleep well and close the match. If someone moves with an effort when they knock on your door, if your boss is appointed by you, relax and end the match. At the next opening of this match, you can get exactly the products and potatoes.

Get your magnificent curry empire. To finally become the great pioneer of the nation. Create towns and farms. The ingredients can support an increasing number of farmers likely to concentrate on your own car and harvest.

Food can be an important issue for several states on earth. We can’t do anything else with food. Potatoes are sometimes quite a superior choice. You start with fruits, food can be made by you. Chips are one of my own favorites.

Potatoes only. After consuming enough food, you can continue to produce and improve businesses. Journey Communist gives you the ability to raise quality areas, seas and irrigation programs, factories, electricity, weapons and.

You will be able to unlock a fresh sector where everything is sufficient. Every level you get is supplied.

Obtain the potato empire

Adventure Communist Mod Apk 4.10.1

What’s New in the Latest Update

– The leaderboard is now easier to see after maximizing the number of cases

– Fixed the problem of not appearing uniformly on text loading screens

– Fixed issue of sorting in cases  *** v4.10.1*** Hello Comrades!

★ Talk! 4 glorious new languages: Korean, Japanese, Turkish and Russian!

★ It’s all mine! Get All Science Next!

★ Photo Gorgeous! New art in-store packs!

★ crush bugs! Fixed issue where players got stuck in linking accounts!

As always, send your feedback and questions to!

Peace, Welfare and Potatoes,
Hyper Hippo Comrades
Adventure Communist Mod Apk 4.10.1

What Does User say About AdVenture Communist Mod Apk?

  1. User-: Nice game. I just don’t like the loot box a bit. I’m going to tell you that they’re pretty cool. Each “industry Oyun of the game is basically a polynomial, the deeper parts are of higher degrees and require 10 times more resources than the previous level of the industry. I like the vertical expansion and horizontal expansion. Probably this game was not difficult with the fact that it was to make money for adventure.
  2. User-: I have been playing for several months and reached almost half of the maximum level. Bat will immediately notice that this game is closed in the long run. You can go 2-3 levels per day for the first month, just after that I’m doing 1 level/day for a long time and now 50 levels fall, 3 days per level. When you read the forum, you will see players waiting to complete a task. I must say, it is a satisfactory idle game and it gives a sense of success and joy at the end of the day.
  3. User-: A good idle game with a good loss of time, with activities you can play every few days. The draw to these games is the new beginning of seeing more cards unlock better and more to improve numbers. Ads are displayed to speed up the progression, they are just well-balanced so you don’t have to watch them all the time.

Provided Mode Apk Features

  • Free Scientist Upgrade
  • Ad-free
  •  Production rigged apk (speed and efficiency)
  • Root: Not required
Name of the game
AdVenture Communist
Android Version
5.0 and above
User comments
4.3 out of 5 stars
Current version
Last update
October 4, 2019
96 MB

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How to install AdVenture Communist MOD APK v6.7.0 (Free Scientist Upgrade) Updated – November 2021 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded AdVenture Communist MOD APK v6.7.0 (Free Scientist Upgrade) Updated – November 2021 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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