App Cloner Mod Apk v2.12.4 (Premium Unlocked)

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Download App Cloner MOD APK Pro Unlocked is the only software that can clone an application accurately. This software’s adjustable features meet user needs. It’s like Windows XP Service Pack 2’s tweakable edition.

It’s a great application for people serious about customizing their system and keeping it updated. Users can experience the first-class and unmatched performance from their computer when using this application. This is one of the tools that every system must have.

One of the most exciting features of the App version is an industry-leading program cloner for most major operating systems.Apps is fully customizable, allowing users to change the settings to suit their specific requirements. The premium apk contains four essential features: Create, deploy and manage your own set of applications directly from your desktop Also Check out the Snaptube Mod APK.

Advanced Functionality The Premium version of Apps is packed with many advanced features and capabilities. You can manage multiple accounts in the same application and even disable some parts if you want to use a specific version of an app for a particular task.

You can create, deploy and manage your clone and easily create different versions of your application. The app’s cloner mode also enables users to disable certain features if they don’t require them or if they rarely need them.

Incognito Mode You can also use the Incognito mode while cloning your application. If you are developing an app but don’t want other users to see what you’re doing, you can use the ‘incognito mode of the App to hide your activity from all others. This will prevent them from being able to see your work or suggestions which will help you get your creative juices flowing. However, the drawback of this feature is that it’s not available on all devices.

App Cloner MOD APK

Manage Multiple Clients: The Premium version of the App Cloner MOD APK pk allows you to manage multiple clients simultaneously. You can select the different clients from the interface and choose whether you would like to transfer the files for each of them or not.

If you want to transfer all the data, you can simply transfer all the files to your main account. However, if you’re going to share one file with a specific client, you can simply enable the ‘transfer’ option in your client settings and move the files to your account. This saves you time because you don’t have to look for the client’s information in different locations.

app cloner mod apk 2020

Backup and Restore Ability You can back up your work efficiently using the built-in backup function of the premium mod. All you need is just an internet connection and the APK. If there’s a file that you think you may not need, just delete it and then transfer the APK to your computer.

The premium mode allows you to perform multiple back-ups and restore functions with a single step. This also makes the recovery process much easier because you don’t have to reinstall the whole thing.

What is App Cloner Premium APK

Use of App Cloner Premium APK One of the most prominent features of the premium mod version of the App is the ability to clone. You can clone various apps from different versions or even devices.

In addition, this mod enables you to install a third-party framework that allows you to perform installation much faster and more efficiently. Although the standard one-click install function remains the same, using the third-party framework increases the time taken to install your favourite application.

app cloner mod apk old version

Free Upgrades: There’s no catch in using the premium version of this Cloner App. It has a free upgrade and a pro version of the App Even if it is just a free upgrade, the regular version of the App costs $2.

So, if you think you will get more value out of the App than the price paid for it, then it’s worth spending money on a more helpful program. Although you’ll only save about $1.50 per year, if you think about how much time you can save with this software, you’ll find it worth your investment.

Features OF App Cloner MOD APK

The features of App Cloner Mod Apk are such that it allows you to remove junk and duplicate files from your Android device easily. With the help of the built-in “Duplicate File Remover” feature, you can quickly locate and extract duplicate data files from your device with the help of a single step. The main menu of Apps has a drop-down list and options to select which files to remove.

For cloned apps, retaining their unique folder names is essential to avoid confusion later on. Removing files in bulk will help you get your work done without hassles in the case of other data or file applications.

app cloner mod apk 1.5.17

  • It is essential to have the same application on each smartphone. Cloner makes a replica of your phone data and transfers it from one phone to another.
  • Clone quickly and safely mobile apps installed on your device
    Clone any Android app on your phone and make them available on all your devices.
  • It is a must-have utility for Android users. It makes an identical backup of your existing app to a different folder, so you can have the same app with several accounts supplied by the manufacturers. If you are a heavy app user, it’s the right product for you.
  • Allows you to install two copies of apps for use on two devices.
  • Clone apps, create accurate system-wide backups, install multiple accounts, and share with friends
    Clone apps and games on your phone to reduce data usage and increase privacy.

How to Download App Cloner MOD APK

With the advent of different platforms, more users find it easier to download on other devices including Apple iPhones, Blackberry Smartphones, and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

Users can download files from the internet or get attached to an appropriate mobile application via Wi-Fi or USB Cable. One of the most attractive benefits of downloading the App is its ability to schedule and automatically download files on other devices such as iPhone and windows mobile phones.

  • How to Download And Install Apps?
    Here is a tutorial for those who do not know how to download and install the App. Installation is easy, but we have provided details that will make the installation process more manageable.
  • The App is a fantastic app that allows you to install various versions of the same application on your device, which is quite a dear and precious device to you. Regarding Android, we have a great diversity of wallpapers available for you, so you can easily find them.
  • To start downloading Apps click the above button. A new browser window will open with a description of this software product and its features. Click on “Download” to download Apps for Windows PC.
  • Let’s move on to installing Apps It would help if you had an Android Emulator or Andy OS, one of the top free Android emulators available online.
  • The App is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.2 or higher.  Below are the steps to install Apps.
  • The App is one of the best clone apps, and it can clone apps on Apps for free. Clone WhatsApp Message. How to Clone Apps.


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