Covertness Master: Assassin Ninjar MOD APK 1.11.6 (Unlocked) Android

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Looking for a method for spending a very five minutes? On the off chance that you mean truly peaceful and staggeringly subtle, head into Stealth Master 😎, the quiet yet lethal versatile game that praises everything slippery, tricky, underhand and devious.

Prove your ninja qualifications by penetrating structures, sliding through the shadows, and taking out trouble makers nearby other people, taking care of your business from a distance with a marksman rifle, or pulling off unimaginable thrill seeker heists without being found in this tomfoolery activity game that flaunts heaps of cool mechanics, scores of your number one characters, and a dangerous feeling of humor.


β˜… One last work – take agreements to dispense with hoodlums, leaders and other good for nothings in progressively troublesome ninja death missions that require expertise, speed, and heaps of covertness to reach and take out the boss.

β˜… Tons of firearms – evaluate an entire host of weapons, from the customary virus steel of the kunai and katana to every sort of weapon under the sun, including powerful rifleman rifles. Track down your #1 type of deadly power and improve your specific ability or pick the right device for each work and become a genuine weapons master.

β˜… Adapt to your current circumstance – whether it’s evading spotlights and lasers, utilizing stowed away sections, shooting up explosives to take out numerous foes, or professing to be a pot plant, Stealth Master offers many various ways of utilizing the environmental factors for your potential benefit with clever game systems that put variety and energy in each level.

β˜… Steal the unstealable – whenever you’ve dominated death, take a shot at a definitive covertness errand of greetings tech burglary. Presently you will not need to go after anybody, simply stay in the shadows, slip past the watchmen and refined security hardware, and get the delicious plunder without anybody seeing you. New burglary missions offer a mix of customary covertness moves and an assortment of fun brainteasers.

β˜… Work from a distance – burnt out on taking care of business? Presently you can carry out your evil things a ways off with interesting expert rifleman levels. Focus on the objective, plan your procedure, hold your head down, and ensure you have a departure route.

β˜… An amazing cast – complete missions and bring in money to open many cool, mainstream society propelled characters that you can step up and prepare to be a definitive professional killers. Pick between activity stars, superheroes, supervillains and a super-subtle fraud to find your most loved ninja.


Now with a heap of new elements, new game modes, new missions, new weapons, and another person, Stealth Master is significantly more tomfoolery and invigorating than previously. Searching for activity of the covert, secret kind?

β˜› Got the stuff to be a genuine expert ninja professional killer? Download the game now and get stealthing.

– Added new area: Theme Park
– Unlocked Shop feature
– Improved Miniboss
– Fixed bugs
– And more!

Stealth Master mod apk

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