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Cross Summoner: R APK is an RPG game combined with a beautiful 2D anime graphic style. By joining the game, you will in turn collect your favorite characters and start accompanying them in exciting battles. The fantasy world in this game is waiting for you to explore, don’t miss it.

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Introduce about Cross Summoner: R

Cross Summoner: R – RPG game with beautiful anime graphics

Cross Summoner: R is known as a remake of the famous Final Sky game from the publisher DAMO NETWORK LIMITED (HK). This game will still give players attractive RPG gameplay combined with anime graphic style. Here, you will enjoy semi-automatic battles throughout the experience.

That means the warriors will automatically attack each other, and you are the one who makes the decision to use their skills appropriately. Click to choose the decisive skill in each moment of the characters to finish off the opponent is your only task in this game. You should try downloading the game through Google Play or App Store to enjoy the remarkable highlights it brings.

The plot is adjusted

The thoughtfulness of the plot is the first factor that makes Cross Summoner: R more attractive to players. The game’s story begins with the brief period of peace in the human world after the final war with the Black Iron Mage. Now, everything has changed when the forces of darkness are growing and ready to invade the world once more.

Because of personal ambition, a group of people has used ancient magic to achieve their own power goals. They didn’t know that this kind of magic awakened the demons, they had returned once again and caused chaos everywhere. It is not clear who the real mastermind of this event is, but you need to quickly defeat them all to ensure world peace. Summon the best heroes and join them in these endless wars.

Hero system with different elements

Similar to games of the same genre, Cross Summoner: R offers a diverse hero system with outstanding strength. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to learn about the elements of fire, metal, earth, water, wood, and more. Each hero will be tied to a specific element, and this will help them to counter each other in battles.

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At the same time, heroes will unlock new skills as they level up and are ready to face stronger opponents. Besides, you do not need to collect all heroes to complete the story in the game. Instead, if you own powerful heroes with high stats, it will be easier for you to win the matches you participate in.

Many outstanding game modes

Cross Summoner: R offers a lot of game modes with completely different content and operation. Each mode will be suitable for certain players, for example:

PVE: This mode gives players compelling stories through different maps. You will go through battles with guards and Boss in turn to discover all available content. The corresponding resource types will appear to help you upgrade your army regularly.

PVP: Highly competitive battles are what players aim for when participating in this mode. This is where you will have to face other opponents around the world and try to beat them. Coordinate the heroes well and optimize their strength if you want to win.

Training: True to its name, this mode allows players to develop exclusive characters through a multi-dimensional system. You will have the opportunity to level up equipment, jewelry, and skills, and upgrade Stars and Bonds to help the heroes become stronger.

Clans: This mode will help you create powerful guilds with your friends to fight other guilds.

2D graphics with 16-bit style

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The graphic prominence is shown right from the first experience. Cross Summoner: R owns a 2D graphics format combined with a classic 16-bit style. Thanks to that, you will quickly realize the vividness of the battles you participate in this game. Moreover, the appearance of diverse environments in battles is also one of the factors that make the experience attractive.

How to install Cross Summoner: CHEAP

Step 1: Click on the Cross Summoner: R APK link below this article to download the game for your Android phone.

Step 2: To install the MOD, please go to “settings” and enable the installation of unknown sources.

Step 3: Now you can open the Cross Summoner: file and install it.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is complete, you can open the game and play right away.

Download Cross Summoner: R APK for Android

Cross Summoner: R is an RPG game combined with beautiful 2D anime graphics that you should not miss in this game. Besides the top-notch battles, this game also comes with compelling stories about the main characters. Interwoven has extremely powerful combos that promise to bring you impressive experiences. Are you ready to become the commander of the most powerful heroes in this game?

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