LifeAfter MOD APK 1.0.219 (Full) + Data for Android

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A snowstorm of pulverizing infection overwhelmed the world, achieving the horrendous deterioration of orders and covenants.

When the dusks, the world transformed into a horrific experience, amassing with Infecteds. At the point when you at last got a break, and found a spot to rest your sensitive feet, you ended up depleted, starving, falling short on ammunition and tormented by the chilliness of night. You can hear the snarling of Infecteds, drawing nearer, and you know being one more evening of anxiety and horror is going. How much longer can YOU survive?

LifeAfter, a versatile game portraying the endurance of mankind in a post infection whole-world destroying world, is formally launched.
Live on, together.

– Keep your will to make due and trusts alive.
The world you once knew so well is currently an unfamiliar spot in the rush of an infection plague. The existence of survivors is continually being undermined by illnesses, starvation, cold, Infecteds and associations with stowed away plans. You’ll need to remain mentally collected in the midst of this multitude of risks and accept there is a way out.

– Live on with anything available.
Explore every last bit of the dystopian world – be it in the city brimming with Infecteds, or an unwanted mine, or a broken-down school, or a freezing cold backwoods up in the good countries – to rummage fundamental materials to make due. You’ll have to know how to chase and assemble for food, how to watch out for your injuries and make arms to safeguard yourself.

– Encounter other survivors.
You could experience different survivors on your rummaging runs. You’ll must be extra cautious, for they could go after you for plunder. In the event that they are genial, you can decide to impart to them your food, ammunition and experience stories.

– Build the last safe-haven for humanity.
With the believed companions you made en route, you can track down a spot to camp and fabricate, each block in turn, until you have the last safe-haven for humankind. Yet again together, around the pit fire, people might battle off the long, cool night with hugs.


LifeAfter is a multiplayer internet game with components of open world and Armageddon survival.
To endure turns into the main objective. You want to rummage assets, make devices, and fabricate cover. Presently comes new emergency — zombie swarms and new Infected. The Judgment day world is out of control.
How long might you at any point make due in this zombie thundering night?


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