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Silent Castle APK is an inactive activity game that joins habit-forming puzzle components. In the game, your main goal is to figure out how to get by in the phantom palace. Simply click on the screen to decide, attempt to make weapons, assemble guards and battle off insane wizards.

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Introduce about Silent Castle

Silent Castle – Survive the frightening palace with your strategy

Silent Castle is a game distributed by Aliboo Studio and an easygoing game with ghastliness components. The game is cautioned not to be reasonable for youngsters and players touchy to dread and fervor. Be that as it may, the frightfulness component isn’t so clear in this insight. It fundamentally challenges players in their methodology, reason, and, surprisingly, quiet down capacity. However, the dull phantom palace setting and unpleasant sound will be sufficient to move. Furthermore, players can play with numerous others and pick their jobs as they like. Decide to be a spirit taking witch or a courageous casualty, who might you rather be?

Enter the game with numerous others

At the start of the game, the player can pick his job. One is to turn into a witch, the other is to turn into a survivor. As a survivor, gamers additionally have 3 different choices, programmer, digger, or physicist. Every job will enjoy its own benefits and you can switch back and forth between different jobs in each play. Each level will have 7 distinct players, 6 survivors, and 1 soul grabbing witch. Subsequent to deciding every part’s job, all will go to the apparition palace and have an exceptional battle. The mission of the witch and take the spirits of the survivors. While the rest need to construct guards and art gear to battle witches.

The game will have a few standards you want to be aware. For instance, each room in the palace is just permitted one individual. Every player just has a couple dozen seconds to track down their place to rest, trailed by the chase after the malicious witch. On the off chance that somebody’s safeguard isn’t great, they will be denied of their spirits by the witch. Until all survivors are crushed, the witch wins. In actuality, assuming every one of the casualties collaborated to battle and overcome the witch, they would securely get away from the apparition castle.

Some techniques to survive

It should be visible that to win Silent Castle, gamers don’t have to retain or dominate any abilities. In any case, the essential component is something they need to update and need to foster their own stunts. Here are a few extraordinary tips to update your battling ability:

Sleep for Gold: If you are the survivor, your occupation is just to rest. While dozing, you will collect gold mint pieces and they are incredibly valuable for building guarded entryways and creating numerous fundamental weapons and hardware. Whenever you have gathered sufficient gold, you simply have to tap on the screen and select the gear you need to make. This decision straightforwardly influences your assault or guard. In the event that the safeguard is expanded, the witch will take more time to break the entryway. On the off chance that you increment your assault, the witch will take additional harm from your bolts or traps. Notwithstanding, assuming the player is a digger, the collection of gold will be preferable over the rest.

Don’t really look at others’ rooms: Although gamers will play with numerous others, every player should play autonomously of the other. Witches will go to each space to go after every one and meanwhile, you can’t visit them to help. Try not to escape your bed come what may. Exploit the time the witch is going after others to aggregate gold and plan for the assault that will come to you soon.

Avoid secret rooms: to start with, every player needs to track down their own room. However, if it’s not too much trouble, keep away from secret rooms as it isn’t helpful for endurance. In the event that the player burns through cash to make strange props in the mystery room, the witch will blow up and before long come to you.

Classic 2D visuals, dreadful sounds

Although it is an inactive game, Silent Castle actually intrigues gamers with an interesting realistic style. Everything was immersed in the dimness of the puzzling palace, alongside the frightening sound of the witch and her assaults. Furthermore, the battle impacts are very attractive. The symbols in the game are likewise extremely instinctive, assisting gamers with effectively getting to the highlights right from the main experience.

How to introduce Silent Castle

Step 1: Click the connection in this article to download Silent Castle MOD APK at

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Please trust that the establishment will finish, then you will see the game symbol appear on your telephone screen.

Step 4: Simply click on the game symbol to open it and begin playing right away.

Download Silent Castle APK for Android

As should be visible, Silent Castle is a straightforward yet alluring repulsiveness puzzle game. It will please you with key derivations to face witches or palace survivors. You can be the savage soul burglar or the person in question, however every job enjoys its own benefits. Utilize your benefit to bring down others and win. Simply snap to play, so you don’t have to go through any tutorials.

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