Racing Xtreme 2: Monster Truck

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Conquer your competition in intense head-to-head MONSTER TRUCK races that include fire-breathing monster trucks! Yes, the long-awaited release of the brand-spanking-new monster truck racing simulator game has finally occurred. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of incredibly potent MONSTER TRUCKS, let the fire burn merrily, race the quickest 4×4 off-road monster vehicles, and treat your eyes to the spectacle of frantic, jump-filled racing through the breathtaking landscape of the American countryside, which is full of hills and valleys.


Have you ever wished you could operate a monster truck? Great! It’s time to put your driving talents to the test and select the vehicle category you want. Pick your preferred vehicle and put it to the test in the Boss Battle Races, Ranking Races, Limited Races, Extreme Races, Single Contest, and Daily Race modes! Smash other monster truck drivers to the top of the leaderboards online!

Racing Xtreme 2: Monster Truck


Who rides the best? You do! To become the best new monster truck driver in the world, race as quickly as you can! The US countryside is the center of the fierce battle between fire-breathing, ultimately mighty Monster Trucks! Enjoy a flawlessly constructed world with beautiful landscapes, hills, lakes, and railways. While taking in the breathtaking scenery, keep an eye on the road, your competitors, and the nearest ramp. The race is about to begin, so pick up the pace, engage in drag racing, dash, and conquer the hill and upward!

Racing Xtreme 2: Monster Truck


This game will be on your favorite games list if you enjoy truck, monster truck, or RC rally games. When obtaining the highest monster truck speed and performance, do you also prioritize having the best truck design possible? So forget about playing simple arcade races! You may already be aware that a monster truck is a pickup truck that has been modified, generally for entertainment purposes, with a bigger suspension and larger tires. Find the ideal solution with various alternatives to improve and modify your fire-breathing vehicle and shine your equipment.

Racing Xtreme 2: Monster Truck


You have good reasons to attend a monster truck show after playing Racing Xtreme 2! Being kind has never been an option in this fast-paced racing simulation! Take the wheel, accelerate to the limit, go up the leaderboards, and show your competitors what you’re made of! Make a name for yourself in the off-road monster truck battle by strength and speed. Get it right away and join the off-road action! Become well-known in drag racing or perish trying!

It’s time to hop in your monster truck, personalize it, enhance your equipment, and demonstrate your driving prowess at the finish line. Prepare for the most intense racing game, where your willingness to battle will undoubtedly be tested! Climb the ranks of extreme racing drivers right away by joining the club!

Racing Xtreme 2: Monster Truck


  • Pick one of the thirty monstrously powerful MONSTER TRUCKS from the available options.
  • Have a good time and enjoy the spectacular 3D sights!
  • Jump! Take your monster truck over hills and do some of the most incredible jumps and stunts you can imagine!
  • Put your abilities to the test in difficult competitions!
  • Replace the tires, nitrous, exhaust, engine, gears, booster, and body on your cars to bring them up to date.
  • Take part in the battle between the drivers of the energy monster trucks!
  • Compete against other racers in head-to-head competition while driving 4×4 vehicles.
  • Put your abilities behind the wheel of a truck to the test on this muddy course!
  • Dominate the world of monster trucks by rising to the top of the online leaderboards.
  • The race for glory, to achieve the greatest possible racing results, and to ascend to the ranks of top racers!
  • Find more about the many truck tuning choices available!

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